TRANS*101 USB w/ Video

Emily Lucid

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In an exclusive collaboration with Murmurs, Emily Lucid has created the TRANS 101 USB.

A thumb drive can contain information but it is also a space for one to transcribe new information into it, an amphora. The video, text and images you will find within this drive are intended to open a door to your own personal exploration of gender. I don't have all the answers and I hope you add new files to the drive and add to your own ideas and discoveries about transgenderism into this vessel.  - Emily Lucid

 ☌ One 4 GB USB thumb drive with TRANS*101 etching
☌ TRANS*101 video file
☌ Trans education texts
☌ Two digital paintings by Emily Lucid
☌ Engraved TRANS 101 wooden slide box
☌ Black velvet carrying bag