Cardigan Scarf


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Wrap around scarf with armhole slits. Hemmed Finish.

100% acrylic yarn.

Full Scarf Length: 96”

Los Angeles based designers Seung Bin Kim and Davina Nguyen established FFLUENZAA in 2020 as a reconfiguration of essential garments. Filtered through a lens of natural industrialism, the label integrates salvaged, found, and site-specific elements into its garments, incorporating natural dyes to achieve well-worn, robust pieces with a rugged-inspired edge. The brand’s designs elevate loungewear staples, such as sweatpants and hoodies, into intricately draped pieces that are taken a step above everyday basics. Through a conjunction of raw detailing and clean finishes, the label prioritizes practicality and comfort that allow for long lasting life with regular wear. Each garment is handmade in-house with locally sourced materials.