“Sheer Sacrifice” Tights

hooz atelier: Sacrificial Lamb, -[Artificial Blood]

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“Sheer Sacrifice” Tights | hand printed tights - all one of a kind, featuring custom designs | To preserve quality: hand wash or machine on delicate w no heat; air dry 

hooz atelier: Sacrificial Lamb, -[Artificial Blood] is a multidisciplinary artist from NYC practicing in LA & NYC.
Their practice orients itself around making as mode of prayer as they navigate textiles, ceramic, and installation -transforming bodies and spaces to align with the queer and otherworldly sensibilities of the hoozverse.
A focus on the nature of being in a body -daily reckoning with a constant sense of dissolution and frantic pursuit of self. A potent tension between flesh and spirit -adorn the body as a g*d caught in flesh would. Bloodthirsty yet poised -If you are bleeding do so gracefully. Let the angels lick your wounds. Don’t shy away from a bruise.