Gaping (Mouthpiece)

Marley White

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Gaping (mouthpiece) | Tension-held spring steel and freshwater pearl dome with sterling silver chain and small freshwater pearls attached. The smallest hanging pearl falls from the top/center of the mouth into the middle of the mouth. The sides with two pearls go on the sides of the mouth. Spring steel, freshwater pearl, sterling silver  | Use: place into the mouth.

Marley White is a multidisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles, CA. White’s practice uses her unique material sensibility and symbolism to explore the unseen forces that influence human behavior. Toying with functionality, these pieces delight the wearer. This jewelry playfully alludes to the implications of our openings and expressions. White’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally at venues such as Carpenters Workshop Gallery Paris, FR, The Zuiderzee Museum, NL, Legnica Jewellery Festival, PL, and the Baltimore Jewelry Center, USA.