White Incense Ash

White Incense Ash


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White ash is used to fill an incense burner as a base to support burning incense sticks, cones, makko trails, or charcoal (for wood chips, resins, pellets, pressed tablets). The ash is lightweight and breathable to permit the flow of oxygen to the surface. 

Store ash in airtight container, after using, sift through a fine mesh to remove any debris. Return to container and reuse, color will darken overtime. To freshen ash, bake ash over aluminum foil in oven at 350-400 for 30 minutes. Incense ash should last indefintely.


1.5 oz bag

Made from rice husks

BABOSHOP is a multi use space and studio run by Hyun Gi Park, a Korean-American artist born in Bryan, TX, and raised in North Carolina. Hyun Gi’s works recreate the essence of traditional rituals into fictionalized ceremonies with new age health trends and consecrating them. Her practice involves incense, historically used to measure time, as markers to reimagine new time structures for certain gestures. Her recent installation and digital works evolve from performances, attempting to replicate the visceral, and immortalizing it. Park lives and works in Los Angeles, CA as an incense maker, bookbinder, tattooer, and designer.