Algae Bioplastic Bowls

Jessie French

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Approximately 5.5 x 1.7 inches

Sold individually.

OTHER MATTER showcase the potential for algae as sustainable material through a collection of algae bioplastic tableware. The tableware form of these works reference both the literal act of consumption and the household context. Geopolitical infrastructure and inaction present significant challenges to everyday sustainable lifestyles. In response, this work proposes a bottom-up solution that can be implemented within the home. The items are the outcomes of deep research into materials and processes. They are made from a material developed by the artist which can be recycled in a home kitchen in about an hour. The same ingredients can be made and re-made into different objects infinitely.
The material is completely biodegradable. If not recycled into new items, these items can be composted in a home system. When disposed, critters living in soil (as well as waterways, should they end up there) can consume them and they function as fertiliser for plants as they break down.


OTHER MATTER is an experimental studio working with algae-based bioplastics founded by artist Jessie French. Through the design of materials, objects, experiences and futures, we invite others to engage with the possibilities of a post-petrochemical world.

Based in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia, the work of Jessie French explores speculative futures through algae-based bioplastic and water-based ecologies. Housed within an ethos of consumption, sustainability, and regeneration, her practice invites others to engage with the possibilities of a post-petrochemical world. Through experimenting with other materials, she explores the potential of closed-loop systems of (re)use and conscious consumption and interaction with objects. In 2020, French founded OTHER MATTER, an experimental design studio working with algae-based bioplastics which engages others in the possibilities of new materials through objects, experiences and futures.