Agar Olfactory Soma:Spore Perfume

Agustine Zegers

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soma:spore is a scented immersion into an unknown time in the future where abundant hyphae of mycelial species have taken over the earth and its time-keeping systems. It is a spell for fungal abundance and rootedness with notes of mushroom, damp earth, yarrow, and blue chamomile. this scent is part of a project in speculative olfaction. it imagines climate disaster and apocalyptic scenarios and the type of smell landscapes that would exist in them.

agustine zegers is a Chilean artist, writer, and bacterial community dedicated to the worlds of olfaction and sympoiesis. Their work uses text, olfaction, and ritual in an attempt to comprehend and commune with flows of ecological collapse as well to question the pervasive systems that produce them. Their work has been exhibited and published internationally at venues such as the Venice Biennale, Sharjah Art Foundation, the Institute of Queer Ecology, Genderfail Press, and DIS Magazine.