Handmade Glass Rings

Pear Ware

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Pear Ware is a NYC based wears & wares project run by artists Mika Agari and Chuggy Roro. Pair Wear items are made from salvaged materials with a spirit of playful experimentation, and are, more often than not, one-of-a-kind. Pare Where uses handmade, collaborative and bootleg languages to create objects with a humorous functionality that are crafted with care.

Pear Ware was founded in 2019 by friends Joan Oh, Mika Agari and Chuggy Roro with the idea of meeting weekly to make things together. Since then we have exhibited with Etage Projects in Copenhagen, High Tide in Philadelphia, Chen’s World in Brooklyn, Special Special in NYC, and had a solo exhibition "I Love You I Think" at Hercules Studio Program in NYC. We have contributed to Fortune publication, organized a doll-making workshop for children in Long Island City and participated in numerous mutual aid projects.