No Connections

Hiba Ali

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No Connections is a collection of poems by Hiba Ali on communication and migration, originally composed on her phone, collated into a risograph accordion book, a vertical scroll. Through diaristic passages, she explores the power of affect and media. Her poems map the liminal spaces between listening and its lack.
Published via @flatpackpubs.

Hiba Ali is a digital artist, educator, scholar, DJ, experimental music producer and curator based across Chicago, IL, Austin, TX, and Toronto, ON. Their performances and videos concern surveillance, womxn of colour, and labour. She studies Indian Ocean geographies throughmusic, cloth and ritual. They conduct reading groups addressing digital media and workshops with open-source technology. She is a PhDcandidate in Cultural Studies at Queens University, Kingston, Canada. They have presented their work in Chicago, Stockholm, Toronto, NewYork, Istanbul, São Paulo, Detroit, Dubai, Austin, Vancouver, and Portland. She has written for THE SEEN Magazine, Newcity Chicago, ArtDubai, The State, VAM Magazine, ZORA: Medium, RTV Magazine, and Topical Cream Magazine.