Conservation Aromatic Oil

J Pera

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Conservation is about saving—saving the past in the present for future generations. Lush jasmine, smoky incense, dry salt, sweet musk, and sun-baked earth collectively create an exotic, fresh, and vibrant scent. Use our travel-friendly, alcohol-free 10 ML Aromatic Oil to create a distinctive fragrant mark by applying Conservation on your skin any time of the day lasting for a few hours. Our Conservation scent was inspired by the temples of Bagan in Southeast Asia. It is a product of research in Bagan and inspiration  provided by the work there of the Getty Conservation Institute. All proceeds from Conservation will be donated to support Getty conservation projects.


Exotically Floral, Ancient, Smoky, Vibrant


Compounded in Small Batches Handmade in LA Bamboo Cap Travel-friendly form IFRA Certified (quality, safety) Non-Alcohol Vegan/Cruelty-free


Liffarome, Eugenol, Linalool, Jasmine Cis, Benzyl Acetate (natural), Hedione, Hexyl Cinnamalydehyde, Jasmalactone, Indole, Dry Salt, Bois d'Encense (natural), Ambrettolide