Heal the Earth Candle

Botánica Cimarrón

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For expanding the heart space

For seeding, growing, and revitalizing

For cultivating long-lasting fulfillment

For strengthening the body, home, finances, and other foundations

You are part of a glorious story. 

When the earth heals, you heal. Our soul bodies as well as our physical bodies are luminously intertwined with our home planet. When we feel the deep grief of living within an age of immense ecological destruction we have the option of becoming alive, or becoming numb to the ache. 

While beetles are busy making love on the soil and hummingbirds are trading nectar for long kisses with flowers, we need not to abandon hope and give in to despair. 

Let the Heal The Earth candle light your way towards connecting to the heart of the earth. Send your prayers for healing across the land as you recommit to protecting and stewarding our beloved home planet – and watch the tides turn.

Glass is screen-printed by hand. 

Includes a healing prayer to the earth to be used in your candle magic.

Established in 2020 by artist & herbalist Star Feliz and rooted in ancient Afro-Taino wisdom, — Botanica Cimarron LLC is a creative wellness company focused on healing marginalized people’s relationship to the earth through innovative lifestyle products and learning experiences that ensure our thriving futures.