Jardín Aromatic Oil

J Pera

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Jardín is about celebrating and seeing virtue in the ordinary, opening a window into your backyard, and reveling in the inherent beauty that surrounds you. Geranium, Carnation, Apricot, and Rose with wisps of hay and leather baking against an old adobe wall beneath a soft marine layer. Everyday florals, green grasses, and woody earth notes come together extraordinarily, imprinting a fragrance that feels refreshing yet warm. 

Use our travel-friendly, alcohol-free 10 ML Aromatic Oil to create a distinctive fragrant mark by applying Jardin on your skin any time of the day lasting for a few hours.

*Actual oil color will vary from image shown

Scent Profile

Freshly Floral, Clean and Vibrant, Recently Watered Earth


Compounded in small batches, handmade in LA, bamboo cap, travel-friendly form, IFRA certified (quality, safety), non-alcohol, vegan and cruelty free


Pelargonium graveolens oil, Carnation, Apricot Essence, Citronellal, Geosmin, Ambroxan, Calone, Helional, Ethyl Linalool, Habanolide, Iso E Super, Galaxolide 50%IPM, Hedione, Benzazole, Tobaccarol, Suederal LT, Hay Absolute