Mole Thick Incense Sticks

J Pera

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A unique fragrance featuring three contrasting scent accords inspired by the famous Mexican dish: smoky, spicy, and gourmand. Mole taunts; exposing then hiding each of its complex ingredients, rising and falling while you try to define its lineage. A rich cultural treasure re-imagined for you as a scent. Use our hand-dipped, extra-thick, low smoke Mole incense to set a memorable mood in any space, both intimate and communal. The incense sticks feature premium quality ingredients that have a long-lasting stay even after burning.  Please note that we recommend you use a 3mm incense holder due to the extra thickness of these sticks. Place incense holders on a fire-resistant surface. Never leave burning incense unattended.

(Pack of 8)


Warm sweet smoke, Piquant, Peppery Chocolate, Earth-Dampened Green


Extra thick incense sticks lasts 3x longer than standard sticks Hand-Dipped in L.A. Full concentration oil for a room filling experience  Low smoke sticks Comes in 8 pack long tube 2.5 hr burn time (per stick) Non-Alcohol Vegan/Cruelty-free


Amyris balsamifera,Hedione,Amyl Salicylate, Schinus molle L.,Tobacarol,Cinnamomum Verum,Cedarwood Virginia, Dry Salt, Calone, Propylene Glycol, Espresso Distillate,Benzaldehyde, Indole, Smoke Accord