About Cafe Murmurs

Cafe Murmurs is the in-house cafe and retail shop at Murmurs. Cafe Murmurs is at its core, a living artwork — a public space where guests can have a different kind of sensory experience in an art gallery. Occupying the front half of Murmurs, the cafe is a dedicated space for experimentation— from social practice to mutual aid to artist collaborations. The cafe explores the horizon of food creation and consumption as a form of art while the shop invites buyers to interact with affordable artist-made goods and one-of-a-kind objects.

The focus of the shop is on goods that can improve quality of life and also inspire—from artist books to wellness products to aesthetically pleasing home goods. An integral part of the Cafe Murmurs mission is its public programming schedule where workshops, events, tastings and classes are held at low or entry fee. In the front space, innovation is welcome and the possibilities are endless.

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