Chill Out Candle


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Candle for a moment of chill... with: Lavender. Palo santo. Sage. Smoke. Organic essential oils and natural fragrance oils.

Benefits: Reduces stress and anxiety. Boosts mood. Eases negativity. Promotes calm and restful sleep.

/ Hand-poured in Ojai

/ 100% Natural soy wax

/ Cotton wick

/ 8oz reusable glass amber jar

Daughters is devoted to helping women get curious, conscious and committed to self-healing. We have created a collection of handcrafted aromatherapy and therapeutic ritual "soul care tools" to help us all find the stillness and peace we need to connect to our bodies and inner wisdom. We believe we all have the power to create the reality we want, and it begins with remembering who we are and connecting with our inner truth. It begins with healing ourselves.