African Pottery Forming and Firing

Kwame Sorrell

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“Scholars say that Africans don’t have a word for art. I say, Westerners don’t have a word for art. What is art? Westerners say, art is something that’s never used; art for art’s sake. What sort of art is never used? All art is used. African Art is heavily used. My definition of art is, something that is used to express people’s ideas about the world they live in. In my mind, this means, Africans are the only people who understand art and that we, the Westerners are the only people who don’t have a word for art.”


BlackMass Publishing, New York, NY


20 pages, paperback & stichbound

Photocopy, black & white

Kwame Sorrell, born 1990 in New York, is a multi-disciplined artist and poet practicing the art of international flâneurie. Sorrell's practice consists of poetic elements gathered and assembled as part of a larger oeuvre. Words and images are interchangeable. As are emotions and feelings. Working across various mediums (i.e. ceramics/sculpture, sound and words, etc.) to express these influences, Sorrell is attempting to make sense of the world around him and his relationship to it. He is also a founding member of BlackMass Publishing, which focuses on publishing editions by Black artists, internationally.