Seaweed Choker | Alizee Quitman

Alizee Quitman

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Seaweed Choker | Ancient pewter cutlery, ancient pearls, vintage strass, aluminum chain and silver plated brass chain 

ALIZEE QUITMAN is a jewelry artist who upcycles ancient metal and incorporates molding technics into her practice. She melts vintage pewter cutlery in her studio in Paris to create wearable pieces. Her jewelry is entirely handmade and each piece is unique. Her motivation to create pieces of jewelry does not come from glamorous but from the need to feel stronger. "powerful looking" accessories, fighter accessories not wedding rings. This desire to create "wearable weapons" or strong objects, comes with the need to make friends feel safer going home at night, not for fighting but for feeling able to defend themselves, to express a powerful hidden side, even if it is just decorating their skin, or under a cloth.