Onsen Incense Flowers

Onsen Incense Flowers


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Handmade incense by HYUNGI made from ethically sourced woods, herbs, resins, + oils. Light the tip of the incense and place on a bruner with white incense ash. Click here for a demo.

Due to the handmade nature of our incense, appearances may vary.


Refreshing geranium, warm sandalwood, and a hint of green tea oil make for a truly refreshing experience.


8x flower incense

Makko, yellow sandalwood, wild cherry wood, geranium, green tea oil


Box dimensions:

3.4" length

3.4" width

1.6" height

BABOSHOP is a multi use space and studio run by Hyun Gi Park, a Korean-American artist born in Bryan, TX, and raised in North Carolina. Hyun Gi’s works recreate the essence of traditional rituals into fictionalized ceremonies with new age health trends and consecrating them. Her practice involves incense, historically used to measure time, as markers to reimagine new time structures for certain gestures. Her recent installation and digital works evolve from performances, attempting to replicate the visceral, and immortalizing it. Park lives and works in Los Angeles, CA as an incense maker, bookbinder, tattooer, and designer.