Mini Plush Butterfly | Ochre, Pink & White

Flower Names

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Each butterfly pillow is handmade from recycled fabric and dyed with natural materials sourced from Boston, MA.

15 x 10 inches

Dyed with onion skins and madder root, filled with organic kapok fluff

*Colors may shift or fade with prolonged sun exposure

FLOWER NAMES is a love spell for Earthlings. Founded in 2019 by
Massachusetts based designer Jasmine Cindy, this line is informed by a deep
appreciation and admiration for the magical world of plants and the traditions of
botanical dyeing. Every piece is made in collaboration with the dye plants, water, and
season. Vegetable scraps, leaves, twigs, roots, and flowers lend their beautiful colors to thrifted and carefully selected fabrics that are pieced together to create one of a kind wearables and plush objects intended to inspire joy <3