Virgo Necklace | iNsX


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Virgo Necklace | Collections from a mercurial deity | To be handled with care as it is a fragile piece, clean with basic silver cleaner

iNsX is a textile and visual arts project created by C_n Freedan Orismkeusa [they/them] in 2020. The project has roots in pre-colonial dress, craftsmanship, and ritual while implementing experimentation and technical execution.

Through iNsX, C_n expresses their inner dialogue around post-modernism and ego as a means of creation and destruction. This manifests in challenging the idea of an everlasting purpose and instead embracing absurd means of existence and desires, which is evident in the visual display of their work.

Though the project was initially started with a goal to project a more articulate form of "genderless fashion", the project has evolved to invoke ancestral and corporeal grounding for queer and trans individuals. Deeply believing transness exists beyond the body.