Art History 101 Chingonas

Marissa Del Toro & Maritza Torres

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Art History 101: Chingonas is a collaborative zine project created by Los Angeles based artist, Maritza Torres, and Southern Califas based art-historian and curator, Marissa Del Toro. In both of our careers we seek to share art, inspire creativity, and spread knowledge through their work. This zine is a culmination of our passions, interests, and goals of making art and knowledge accessible to everyone. The artists included in this zine are inspirations to both of us, they are chingona artists that tackle subjects of time and space, gender and sexuality, race/ethnicity and migration, and labor and culture. Many of the artists included in this zine incorporate various elements of their identity into their work, whether it be their disability and queerness, their Afro-Cuban culture, their personal experiences of migration, their Yaqui-Xicana heritage, or their black consciousness. Their artworks are very diverse in terms of mediums, concepts, and formal qualities, yet offer an insightful look into various perspectives and viewpoints. We hope you find this zine insightful, interesting, and inspiring. We encourage you to go out and make your own piece of art or learn more about the works of others. Never stop creating and never stop learning!

18 page zine, digital laser printed on acid-free 32 lb paper, inside piages 100% recycled

Materials: paper, ink, kraft paper, digital printer