Knotty III

Dahn Gim

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Knotty III (from Knotty series)

 Handmade, one-of-a-kind soap sculpture by Dahn Gim.

Materials: soap with milk, egg shell, mascara, castanea crenate shell, schisandra berry, acanthopanax, fresh garden e/o oregano oil

8” - 3.5” H (variable)

Local pickup/delivery is available and preferred due to the fragility of this piece.


Dahn Gim is an interdisciplinary artist based in LA and Seoul who explores 'hybridity' both in concept and materials. Since completing her M.F.A. from UCLA in Media Arts in 2015, Gim has exhibited at international venues such as BASIS in Frankfurt; Gas Gallery, Steve Turner, Brand Library & Art Center, AA/LA, LAMAG, Human Resources in Los Angeles; Somerset House in London; and Post Territory Ujoengguk in Seoul.