Radical Accountability, Radical Transparency, Radical Action

GenderFail Press

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Radical Accountability, Radical Transparency, Radical Action is an essay and reflection on accountability processes in radical and noramitive communities. This zine and projects proposes more radical actions for when we inevitable failure ourselves, our communities and society at large. With the growing discourse on cancel culture, this essay acts as Be Oakley's personal reflection on this complex and unclear social protocols on justice outside the established law. Radical Accountability, Radical Transparency, Radical Action looks for ways each of us can come to terms with our own failures with restorative and ethical means of responding to our own actions and the action of others. Along with the essay includes questions that will provide means of self reflection on accountability, transparency and actions we can each take.

GenderFail is a publishing, programing and archiving platform run solely by Be Oakley. In Be's words, "GenderFail is not non-for-profit but profit-for-survival or profit-to-continue-our-work-without-other-means-of-capital and most importantly to make money for others I publish, to create profit-for-labor. With GenderFail, publishing is personal, it’s a means of my  livelihood and a tool for the dissemination of imperfect, but powerful ideas. For GenderFail, we seek to publish works that expand queer subjectivity by looking at queerness as an identity that challenges capitalist, racist, ableist, xenophobic, transphobic, homophobic, misogynistic, and anti-environmental ideologies."

GenderFail publications can be found in the library collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, The Brooklyn Museum Library and over 50 others. GenderFail publications can be found at over 70 bookstores in North America and the European Union including Printed Matter (Chelsea NYC), Bluestockings (LES NYC), Quimby's Bookstore (Chicago), Ulises Books (Philadelphia), Good Press (Glasgow), Likely General (Toronto), Casa Bosques (CDMX), The ICA Store (Richmond), and many others.

23 pages
1ST Edition of 100
Queens, NY 2022