Trek Aromatic Oil

J Pera

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Jardín is about celebrating and seeing virtue in the ordinary, opening a window into your backyard, and reveling in the inherent beauty that surrounds you. Geranium, carnation, verbena, and rose with wisps of hay and leather baking against an old adobe wall beneath a soft marine layer. Everyday florals, green grasses, and woody earth notes come together extraordinarily, imprinting a fragrance that feels refreshing yet warm. 


Trek is a scent that follows a long journey from one end of the Pacific to another. A juniper tree's journey from Japan to California, changing from one type of soil to another. A long trek gives us experiences to grow and contemplate. It is a journey that embraces contrast, asymmetry, and being pleasantly disconcerted by new surroundings. 


Each ingredient brings a piece of the journey together. Copal: the ancient sap used in the Americas, Orange Blossom: The fruit iconic to California, Juniper Berry: The essence of a Juniper Bonsai, and Seaweed: the plant that grows in the oceans touching the parallel shores of Japan and California.