Why Give me Flowers When I'm Dead?

Jaklin Romine

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Why Give me Flowers When I'm Dead? When You Had The Time To Do It When I Was Alive is the title of artist Jaklin Romine's working photographic series where she makes trips to the Downtown LA Flower Mart once a week and selects different combinations of flora for an arrangement of flowers for her home and for the home of her grandmother. Then she takes photos of the flowers in her home and takes a bouquet of flowers over to her grandma's house. The zine contains pictures of the bouquets that she gives her grandma combined with poetry, sayings, and quotes from her grandmother's story that expresses the love and relationship they share. The layout is designed to take you through layers of paper that accent colors of the floral imagery that pop off the white paper.

Inkjet printed on iridescent paper
Published 2019 by Jaklin Romine in Los Angeles
Edition of 100
32 pages
4.25 x 5.5 inches

Jaklin Romine’s work is monumental and immersive, ambitious and arresting. Existing somewhere between photography, sculpture, and installation, Romine expands our idea of the image by defying it’s aesthetic, material, and conceptual conventions.